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In 2013, we opened the doors to our new office building. The state of the art 5,000 sq. ft. building includes a large conference room, an engineering room, as well as 7 spacious offices. Attached to the office building, is a 4,900 sq. ft.  show room. The show room is capable of raising any model truck to its maximum height allowing the customer to view the vehicle’s full capabilities indoors and out of the weather. 

In 2015, we continued our mission to make our facilities the best in the industry as we opened a new 30,000 sq. ft.  manufacturing building. This new facility is the home of 8 overhead cranes, over 20 welders, an automatic welder, a brand new production saw, a fully-automated brake press, and much more. With the opening of this shop, we are able to fabricate all major assemblies under one roof.

In addition to chassis preperations, all sub-assemblies are manufactured in this building including the Platform, Van Body, Scissor assembly, Stabilizers, and any Cabin Service components.

Our Trim and Hydraulic building, dedicated to wiring and hydraulic assemblies was completed in December 2010. Spring 2016 we began adding the building next door for our new state of the art paint booths.

The Summer of 2016 saw the opening of a 6,400 sq. ft. paint shop. STE has made facility improvements one of our biggest priorities.


This facility houses two large downdraft with side exhaust paint booths and a wash bay area that will continue to improve the overall finish of our vehicles.  

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